Modernizing Secure IT Solution Delivery

Refactr allows you to design, deploy and manage secure IT solution blueprints in AWS, Azure, and Google.

No coding experience is required.

You don’t need to be a DevOps Engineer or Cloud Architect to get started.

Design Your Own Solutions

Design your IT solutions in the public cloud through component-based modeling blueprints. These blueprints are full stack solutions you can build to your exact needs.

Repeatable Builds

Create packages that will provision and configure your infrastructure and applications the same way every time. Rerun configuration tasks at any time to maintain your desired configuration state.

No Programming Required

Construct blueprints and playbooks from existing components using an intuitive UI. Launch prebuilt blueprints and playbooks from our catalog. Users who know how to code may still define blueprints through advanced features including an expression engine and declarative templates.

Parameterized Deployments

Completely control the parameters for your deployments. Build packages that allow customers to configure as much or as little as you want.

Multi-Tier Orchestration

Refactr was designed to orchestrate the provisioning and configuration of many cloud resources with complex dependencies. Define relationships between any cloud resource or applications, and they will be provisioned and/or destroyed in the correct order.

Job Manager

Monitor the progress of your blueprints and playbooks as they run. View the raw logs from the tasks performed on host machines in real-time. Achieve 100% automated cloud deployments.

Blueprint Catalog

Choose from a selection of pre-built solution blueprints. These blueprints consist of many popular offerings, including many managed service and security provider focused products. Clone, modify, and extend them to suit your needs.

Ad-Hoc Playbooks

Break down sequences of tasks required to bring your infrastructure into the desired state. Run arbitrary playbooks against any hosts to enforce configuration.

Visual Blueprint Designer

Visualize your infrastructure and applications. Communicate effectively between teams. Edit your blueprints with a highly usable drag-and-drop designer.

Design Your Own Custom Reusable Multi-Cloud Solution Blueprints

Refactr was designed to change the way you deliver your IT solutions. The days of human intervention and clicking through wizards are over. Create reusable IT solution blueprints that can be used on multiple cloud providers to deploy your solutions with almost zero effort.

Early Access Program

We have an invite-only early access program for select partners. If you are interested in being added to the list, please fill out contact info and will add you. Thank you for your interest!