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Refactr is a radically simple IT delivery and automation platform for all IT teams. Our tools allow your entire team to collaborate on fully deployable solution reference architectures and automation toolchains from a single platform. Build on validated, modern, and open technologies, with no coding or setup required.

Visually Driven Architecture

Blueprint Your Own Full Stack Cloud + Security Solutions

Design your IT solutions in the public cloud into blueprints leveraging building-block components including built-in multi-cloud resources, Amazon Web Services CloudFormation Stacks Templates, Azure Resource Manager Templates, Google Deployment Manager Templates, Ansible Playbooks, and web API integrations. These blueprints are full stack solutions you can build to your exact needs.

How IT Works

Connect Cloud + Security + Everything

We empower technology teams to connect together any services and apps that are software defined into visually defined blueprints and components.


Mix and Match building-block components to create your own Cloud + Security blueprints.


Connect to any web API to integrate all of your apps and services in your blueprints.


Build out automation to enforce security configuration for your desired state of each component.


Run blueprints to perform security remediation starting with simulated attacks to real-world incident response.

Marketplace to Grow Your Business

Many Services & Apps Options, Connecting Everything-as-a-Service

With our marketplace you can connect more services and apps, and we are adding new offerings every week. Pick from cloud + security blueprints where you can mix-and-match components from various vendors, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco, Connectwise & many more!

Ready to Start Blueprinting Your Success in Cloud + Security?

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Our Features

Blueprint Your Perfect Solutions

Refactr's Cloud + Security Architect Platform was build to deliver visually driven results, allowing you the freedom to architect anything you want and communicate that to the rest of your technology team(s).


Launch prebuilt blueprints and components from our marketplace. Users within technology teams who know how to code can use more advanced features including including an expression engine and YAML templates.


Visually architect and design your solutions into blueprints before you deploy. Communicate your blueprints effectively between technology teams. Edit your blueprints and components with highly usable drag-and-drop designers.

Job Manager

Monitor the progress of your blueprints and components as they run. View the raw logs from the tasks performed on host machines in real-time. Achieve fully orchestrated & automated cloud + security deployments.


Visual blueprint and component revision history allows technology teams to save, freeze, and restore revisions, as well as pin blueprint components to specific revisions. Amazing for security and auditing.

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