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November 19, 2020

New Community Edition

We are incredibly excited to reveal Reactr’s new community edition today! Refactr’s community edition enables teams that have not implemented CI/CD for cybersecurity to try out Refactr’s DevSecOps automation platform with their own teams and environments. This no cost plan entitles eligible organizations to have two users, one runner, three projects, two-week run of retention of data, limited SLA and ongoing email support. The goal is to lower the barrier of entry so every cybersecurity team can start down the DevSecOps automation path.  

Why do I need CI/CD?

DevOps teams are making strides in automating their workflows, but most cybersecurity practitioners don’t have the coding skills or tools to shift left. Furthermore, CI/CD is traditionally made for developers, so existing solutions on the market do not integrate with security tools or accommodate a broader range of technical talent, including cybersecurity. Because of a lack of agile security automation solutions, security remains a reactive process.  

With Refactr, cybersecurity teams are now empowered to take advantage of what a secure agile automation process offers together with DevOps.  

What kinds of security tools will I have access to in the trial?

Community edition users have access to the full Refactr pipeline catalog, which includes pre-built cybersecurity pipelines made in collaboration with today’s leading industry vendors, such as Fortinet, Aqua Security, and Center for Internet Security. Using the pipeline builder, users can also connect cybersecurity pipelines to third-party tools that help operationalize your work, such as SendGrid, Jira, and Slack.  

What can I assess from the trial?

The community edition enables cybersecurity teams the opportunity to try DevSecOps automation firsthand. They can bring their own scripts, automation content and tools they are already using like RedHat Ansible and Python. Cybersecurity teams can assess how easy it is to start automating their daily workflows using the same security tools and processes they know. Cybersecurity teams can also see how the Refactr DevSecOps platform creates more avenues for collaborating with DevOps.  

DevOps teams can also see how integrating cybersecurity early in its deployment process is in fact easier than what they thought possible.

Ready to see DevSecOps automation work for you? Check out how customers are using Refactr today on our use cases page (the SKOUT Security case study is also a good example) and then sign up for our community edition.  

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