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November 20, 2019

Refactr is Featured in: Diversity in Action - "New Missions Accomplished."

Diversity in Action - "New Missions Accomplished."

“Veterans turned entrepreneurs tackle business, not military, challenges.”

Here Micheal Fraser is featured when Sonya Stinson elaborates on Bunker Labs, the organization helping entrepreneur veteran startups, that Micheal is a member of.

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Mac is the youngest member of the Refactr team, though he does not lack experience with startups, as his age might suggest. He was exposed to several tech startups early in his early youth and, later in high-school, worked in startups while being mentored by founders. After graduation, Mac decided to focus his passion for media production with Refactr's marketing team. A startup had felt like the most compelling and fulfilling path because of the enthusiasm and respect Mac felt for the mentors of his youth.

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