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July 13, 2020

Refactr July 2020 Newsletter

The Latest on Refactr...

Refactr in TechCrunch: "Implement DevSecOps to transform your business to IT-as-Code"

"When we reflect on the obstacles that prevent enterprises from fully moving to DevSecOps, it’s easy to sympathize with their state of immobility. How can they overcome these considerable obstacles simultaneously?" -- CEO Mike Fraser. Read about our view of the DevSecOps space and receive immediate actionable tips to jump-start your migration to the DevSecOps methodology.Read the full article here...

CEO Mike Fraser featured in CRN: "Coronavirus Crisis is Rapidly Accelerating Shift to DevSecOps"

"The COVID-19 crisis and the massive economic disruption caused by the current pandemic is accelerating the shift to DevSecOps—the next phase of agile computing that brings security automation into the mix." -- Mike Fraser. Read about how COVID-19 is pushing companies out of complacency in CRN.Read full article here...

Silicon Review includes Refactr in its list of "50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year"

Who is Refactr? What do we do? What do we stand for? Find out in this latest interview Mike Fraser gave to The Silicon Review. He covers the important topics on every business leader's mind: values, culture, focus and vision.Read full article here here...

Refactr’s New Security Integrations and Capabilities Make Automating Security Easy and Collaborative

Summer just got better with our new security integrations and capabilities that make automating security not only easier but also more collaborative! Check out our some of our 13 new integrations with the Center for Internet Security, OpenSCAP, Kubectl and more.Read the full press release here…

Upcoming Events

July 14: Learn about CI/CD pipelines for DevSecOps with Hybrid Cloud

Join Mike Fraser, July 14th, at 2:00pm PT, for a Bright Talk webinar on how CI/CD pipelines work for DevSecOps, why enterprises need hybrid CI/CD pipelines, as well as review real-life use cases that can frame how you're designing pipelines for your organization.

Sign up...

July 17: Redmond Enterprise Cloud Wars Virtual Summit

Arguably the biggest debate in tech right now is about the public cloud. Which cloud platform works best for which enterprise services? Join Mike Fraser, Fri. July 17th, 9AM PT. for insight into the pros and cons of all the top cloud platforms. Sign up...

We've Been Thinking About...

The Future of DevSecOps

In this Redtalks.Live episode "Simplifying DevSecOps" Nathan Pearce and Mike Fraser talk about the future of DevSecOps and how it is quickly starting to change for the better. "Knowing how many security technologies weren’t developed from an API first perspective, the need for Refactr was evident. Three years in, the business is growing, DevSecOps is evolving, and we’re delighted to have Mike on the show to talk about this journey."Watch the full episode here...

How to Shift Security Left

"We are solving a unique problem where there is a major talent shortage in cybersecurity and generally in technology across anywhere from DevOps engineers to software engineers..."  -- Mike Fraser. Read how Refactr is solving not only for DevOps automation but also for security automation in Mike Fraser's interview with CEO/CFO's senior editor Lynne Fosse. Read the full article here...

Why Enterprises Need Hybrid CI/CD Pipelines

Check out this free recording of Mike Fraser at Bright Talk webinar on how CI/CD pipelines work for DevSecOps, why enterprises need hybrid CI/CD pipelines, as well as review real-life use cases that can frame how you're designing pipelines for your organization.Watch the full recording here…

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Mac is the youngest member of the Refactr team, though he does not lack experience with startups, as his age might suggest. He was exposed to several tech startups early in his early youth and, later in high-school, worked in startups while being mentored by founders. After graduation, Mac decided to focus his passion for media production with Refactr's marketing team. A startup had felt like the most compelling and fulfilling path because of the enthusiasm and respect Mac felt for the mentors of his youth.

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