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June 4, 2019

Refactr Publicly Launches, The World’s First Ansible-as-a-Service Offering With an Online Playbook Editor

Refactr Publicly Launches, The World’s First Ansible-as-a-Service Offering With an Online Playbook Editor is a cloud-based platform that lets you run Ansible playbooks from a browser inside extremely secure in container sandboxes.

Seattle, WA, June 4th, 2019 – Refactr announced today the launch of, an intuitive web application for creating, running, and sharing playbooks. Use built-in task module samples and documentation to design playbooks visually. Execute your playbooks directly from a browser and see output in real time from the same interface. When you’re ready, publish your playbooks to share them with your friends and includes a full-featured web API which is the first-ever “Ansible-as-a-Service” platform with no setup and no servers. does all the heavy lifting of provisioning secure, ephemeral execution sandboxes that come pre-installed with everything you need to run Ansible. The API outputs fine-grained, structured details of playbook runs without the need to install custom callback plugins (you can do that, too!). All Ansible inputs and all aspects of the execution environment are exposed; you can even run arbitrary scripts and commands in your environment. is analogous to code sandboxes, and tailored to running Ansible playbooks. has an API, designed to work well with automated environments. External systems and tools can call our API to create and run playbooks. With you can:

  1. Share playbooks and snippets with others.
  2. Test playbooks and task modules.
  3. Create revisions and fork playbooks.
  4. Run Ansible from anywhere, with no installation and no server, right from a browser.
  5. Build microservices that run Ansible playbooks.
  6. Run remediate playbooks for security incidents.
  7. Test your playbooks on multiple Ansible versions.
  8. Quickly experiment with Galaxy Roles. utilizes the latest and greatest containerization technologies to execute your playbooks in secure, ephemeral sandboxes. is super secure. Here’s why:

  • Complete process and network isolation using full virtualization.
  • Execution environments are containerized and ephemeral. All runtime data is destroyed when the playbook finishes. By default, we only store the ansible-playbook output.
  • Input variables are encrypted in transit and at rest. We do recommend combining with a vaulting solution, putting on-time use tokens into our variables for maximum security.
  • API keys are JSON Web Tokens, which include more security features than our typical API keys.

About Refactr Refactr is a Seattle based cloud software company and creators of the Cloud + Security Architect Platform (“CSAP”).  CSAP is a SaaS-based cloud platform modernizing secure IT solution delivery focusing on a visual approach to a software defined world. CSAP bridges the gap between pure development and technology teams who are currently unable to adopt DevOps techniques due to lack of expertise and high cost of those resources. Technology teams with minimal cloud and DevOps background can quickly create repeatable, packaged Cloud + Security solution blueprints, and communicate architecture to clients and team members visually.  CSAP is made for technology teams who want to shift their focused to a Cloud + Security first, Everything-as-a-Service approach. To find out more about Refactr™, visit or to get in touch with Refactr™ directly, by calling (866) 493-9367 or follow us on Twitter @refactrIT        


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Mike started his career in the US Air Force working on F-15 weapon systems and later as a cybersecurity engineer. Mike has founded multiple tech companies and is a regular speaker at industry events, including Hashiconf, various Microsoft events, Red Hat AnsibleFest and All Day DevOps. He has published several articles including on TechCrunch, RSA 365, CRN, and The New Stack, and appeared on the cover of Channel Pro Magazine.

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