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What we do

Refactr is empowering cybersecurity to collaboratively operate at the speed of DevOps. We are CI/CD for cybersecurity that covers all your unique use cases and enables secure and collaborative DevSecOps automation. We empower organizations modernizing to IT-as-Code™.

Illustration of development role, one of Refactr's target personas

What is Community Edition?

Refactr’s community edition will give you the opportunity to:

Work with up to 2 users per community organization to use 1  runner and 3 projects at once

Gain access to a two-week run retention of data, service-level  agreement, and email support

Take advantage of Refactr’s pipeline catalog, including pre-built cybersecurity pipelines made in collaboration with today’s leading  industry vendors

Community edition users can experience selected capabilities of the Refactr Platform.

New features introduced in tandem with the community edition launch include:

Command Line Interface

The DevOps-friendly CLI running alongside the graphical pipeline builder allows DevOps and cybersecurity teams to collaborate on the same platform together.

Virtual Machine Runners

The platform now provides cloud-hosted virtual machine runners, which enables running arbitrary Docker containers in pipeline steps.

Tool Installers

New “tool installer” step modules automatically install automation tools onto the pipeline runner behind the scenes.

Credential Integrations

Users can now more easily integrate with external secrets management systems by “importing” secrets into Refactr’s streamlined credential system at runtime.

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What blew us away was how dead simple it was to configure an extremely flexible pipeline with Refactr.

Mario Puras, Head of Worldwide Cloud Security Sales Engineering at Netskope

We were searching for ways to significantly improve efficiency and quality of network maintenance and found a solution in the Refactr platform. It facilitates significant improvements in our services and team efficiency.

Grigoriy Milis, CTO at RFA

We were able to massively cut our time-to-market by leveraging the Refactr platform for security automation and tying that into the case management ticketing systems for our Security Operations Center, which had previously been a manual process. This same project done with developer labor would have taken twice as long and easily 10x the cost of outsourced talent.

Jessvin Thomas, CTO and President at SKOUT Cybersecurity
Illustration of operations role, one of Refactr's target personas

How does Refactr work?

Refactr’s pipelines form an orchestration layer sitting atop existing IT automation technologies. Cybersecurity teams can leverage the visual drag-and-drop builder while DevOps teams can work in the IDE using tools and environments they already know. Kickstart your agile process by browsing pre-built automation content directly from our pipeline catalog or customize your pipelines even further with our extensive and growing list of step modules. Pipelines can run on your own infrastructure or in our secure, cloud-hosted runner environments.

Use Cases

Refactr’s Return on Investment

Reusable Pipelines

Reusable pipelines that can even be cloned and tweaked eliminate the labor costs needed to recreate manual processes.

Proactive Security

Experience faster remediation when cybersecurity is integrated into the dev process. Furthermore, proactive processes are less susceptible to breaches.

Customized Automation

With built-in integrations and web hooks, the overall cost of outfitting your automation pipelines to your specifications goes down.

Quicker Time-to-Market

New DevSecOps capabilities accelerate revenue by streamlining and automating manual processes; customer delivery and support improve as a result.