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Refactr Introduces New Community Edition that Launches with Additional Features and New Brand Identity

December 3, 2020

Refactr, the DevSecOps automation platform making CI/CD accessible to everyone, announced today the launch of its free community edition.  Complementing the inaugural community edition of its product, Refactr also announced today additional DevOps-friendly features and a new brand identity.

Refactr’s community edition allows two users to take advantage of one runner and three projects at no cost. Community edition users are additionally entitled to two-week run retention of data, limited SLA and email support. Users eager for broader team collaboration and increased runners, run minutes, projects, and dedicated engineering hours can easily upgrade to the bundle appropriate to the size of their enterprise. Community edition users have near full access to the Refactr Platform capabilities. New features introduced in tandem with the community edition launch include:  

  • Command Line Interface: The DevOps-friendly CLI running alongside the graphical pipeline builder allows DevOps and cybersecurity teams to collaborate on the same platform together, all the while using tools they are already familiar with.
  • Virtual Machine Runners: The platform now provides cloud-hosted virtual machine runners, which enables running arbitrary Docker containers in pipeline steps. This addition allows more users to bring their existing solutions into the platform with minimal friction.
  • Tool Installers: New “tool installer” step modules automatically install automation tools onto the pipeline runner behind the scenes. This feature eliminates the need for custom setup steps to install or upgrade/downgrade tool installations before running pipelines. Supported tools include Python, Node.js, PowerShell, Ansible, Terraform, Azure/AWS/Google Cloud CLIs, and kubectl, among others.
  • Credential Integrations: Users can now more easily integrate with external secrets management systems by “importing” secrets into Refactr’s streamlined credential system at runtime. This feature enables deeper integration with popular key stores, such as HashiCorp Vault and Azure Key Vault. It also enables highly secure pipeline execution, where secrets only exist within Refactr’s isolated runners for as long as they’re needed.

“Using Refactr, we’ve completely automated the way we test our STIG and CIS Ansible content,” said Justin Nemmers, Director of Commercial Business at MindPoint Group. “Previously, we had to spend time creating new test harnesses for each new baseline we added to our Lockdown Enterprise offering. With Refactr, we now simply trigger workflows as part of our CI/CD process. What used to take our team several days to complete now happens with the click of a button.”

Refactr is making CI/CD accessible to everyone, including cybersecurity. Its new brand identity and messaging, reflected in its new content and website, elucidates the startup’s mission to bridge the gap between DevOps and cybersecurity using automation.  

“When we first launched Refactr in 2017, our goal was to be the easiest, most collaborative and safest DevSecOps automation platform. However, we have always had ambitions beyond the DevOps community; we know the real problem resides in the inability of security to become agile in collaboration with DevOps,” said Mike Frasier, co-founder and CEO of Refactr. “In the last year, we have zeroed in on this problem area. We hope the community edition gives teams who are reticent about CI/CD the chance to learn about its advantages using their own teams, tools and environments.”

Refactr's current vendors include Fortinet, Checkpoint, Checkmarx, Center for Internet Security. Customers on Refactr include Tenable, Netskope, Skout Cybersecurity, MindPoint Group, Richard Fleissman and Associates. Refactr is the recipient of a United States Air Force AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) 20.1 Phase 1 contract. It was recently recognized as one of CRN’s emerging vendors in 2020. The DevSecOps startup is currently raising its seed round.  

Get to know the new Refactr by watching our latest product video.

About Refactr
Refactr is a Seattle-based DevSecOps startup founded in 2017 by military veterans and industry experts in cloud and cybersecurity. Our mission is to accelerate adoption of DevSecOps by empowering cybersecurity to collaboratively operate at the speed of DevOps. We provide an easy-to-use DevSecOps automation platform made especially for cybersecurity while also supporting features that are DevOps friendly. Plug into existing DevOps workflows, connect with security tools, and ensure your organization continuously automates in a safe and seamless manner, all without needing to upskill. At Refactr, we innovate to make the world more secure and agile through the next shift of digital transformation into IT-as-Code. Request a demo at    

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