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Refactr, Radically Simple DevSecOps Platform, Improves Platform Usability with Introduction of New Features and Cybersecurity Tools

February 3, 2021

Refactr, the DevSecOps automation platform used by cybersecurity and DevOps teams to collaboratively operate, announced today the introduction of a new set of capabilities to its freemium and paid subscription models. These features and tools, which advance cross-team collaboration and workflow efficiency, typically would have involved using third-party products to achieve the same result. Refactr aims to continuously add popular DevOps and cybersecurity features and tools so that it can become the most comprehensive and intuitive DevSecOps automation platform on the market.  

“Refactr is excited to bring a slate of new features that make enabling collaboration between DevOps and cybersecurity easier than ever before. I am especially excited about our solution catalog, which is the first opportunity in the market for vendors to share pre-built IT-as-Code ™ solution pipelines with its enterprise and government customers. These pre-built pipelines increase the utility of cybersecurity vendor solutions and further accelerate the adoption of DevSecOps, ” said Mike Fraser, co-founder, CEO and chief architect at Refactr.  

Refactr’s new features include:  

  • Solution Catalogs: Organizations building pipelines to share with others can now publish selected projects as solution catalogs. Pipelines shared in solution catalogs can be reused across projects and organizations. Organizations can regulate access to their solutions catalog by requiring users to request access. Currently, this feature is available by invite-only.
  • Incoming Webhooks: Pipeline jobs now have a new trigger type, called incoming webhook, which runs the pipeline by making a webhook call to the Refactr API. Incoming webhooks enable integration with nearly any third party system that fires webhooks, including git providers, ITSM systems, cloud management platforms, CRMs and more.  
  • New cybersecurity step modules: Several new step modules that enhance Refactr’s security tooling capabilities are now available. A new HashiCorp Vault module allows pipelines to pull secrets from an instance of Vault and make them available to pipelines as Refactr credentials. Modules for Accurics’ Terrascan and BridgeCrew’s Checkov simplifies the process of scanning infrastructure-as-code files and processing the result data. Lastly, Refactr added AquaSec Trivy, the first container scanning module, which can scan Docker images and other artifacts for security vulnerabilities.  
  • SDK Upgrades: There is now an improved collection of open source tools for interacting with the Refactr Platform, including the Refactr CLI, Node.js API client, and self-hosted runner utilities. The CLI now supports many more API endpoints and has a richer interface for providing input data, multiple formatters for printing output in various formats, and a filter syntax for processing response data before outputting. Finally, Refactr published a base image for self-hosted runners to DockerHub, which simplifies deploying runners in your own environment securely using containers.  

Refactr’s new features are immediately available on all freemium and subscription models. Refactr’s documentation site covers these features in greater detail. Find the documentation site at  

About Refactr

Refactr is a Seattle-based DevSecOps startup founded in 2017 by military veterans and industry experts in cloud and cybersecurity. Our mission is to accelerate adoption of DevSecOps by empowering cybersecurity to collaboratively operate at the speed of DevOps. We provide an easy-to-use DevSecOps automation platform made especially for cybersecurity while also supporting features that are DevOps friendly. Plug into existing DevOps workflows, connect with security tools, and ensure your organization continuously automates in a safe and seamless manner, all without needing to upskill. At Refactr, we innovate to make the world more secure and agile through the next shift of digital transformation into IT-as-Code ™. Request a demo at  


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