Michael Fraser Selected To Speak at Connectwise IT Nation About NextGen IT Solutions Delivery: Blueprinting Your Success

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ConnectWise IT Nation NextGen IT Solutions Delivery: Blueprinting Your Success

Michael Fraser will be speaking at IT Nation in November on cloud + security around NextGen IT Solution Delivery.


Session Covers:

The next generation of IT solutions delivery starts with a cloud-first approach. Everything is being pushed toward programmatic delivery, a.k.a. “IT as Code”. This requires ITSPs to know how to connect together APIs, build cloud native templates, use developer-focused tools, and adopt DevOps methodologies for delivering solutions to their customers. Nirvana in the service provider world would be to fill in the missing link: the ability to provide repeatable solution blueprints for every client that can be adapted to their ongoing business requirements.

In this session you will learn how to build a solution blueprint using Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates (IaaS & PaaS) combined with Red Hat Ansible for configuration management (Legacy apps & SaaS). With this blueprint, we will then discuss best practices for applying cloud security controls, and how that can map to compliance requirements. To wrap up the session, there will be a use case showcasing a ConnectWise partner practicing NextGen IT Solutions Delivery. The partner will go over the entire lifecycle of service delivery using the ConnectWise Suite and third-party platforms to connect everything together and deliver their solution blueprints end to end, from opening the opportunity to the delivery of the solution.

Round 5 | Friday, Nov. 9 | 2:20pm – 3:20pm | Celebration 5-6

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