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Customer Case Study
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Mindpoint Group is currently developing security and audit automation for the Federal and private sectors of IT.


Cybersecurity Integrator


Alexandria, VA


1-250 employees


Enterprise Pro

Use Cases
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Security automation
  • Compliance assessments
Refactr Impact
  • The number of jobs run
  • Hours of engineering time saved
  • Increased cross-team collaboration and team accountability
Isometric graphic of the compliance use case for Refactr's DevSecOps automation platform
Our product factory is largely made possible through our use of Refactr. Rather than deal with the complexities of re-coding and re-tooling dev and test pipelines every time we enhance our STIG and CIS remediation product capabilities, or when we are rapidly iterating our new platform audit tool, our dev teams rapidly adjust test and deployment pipelines, saving us huge amounts of time and effort.”

The Customer

MindPoint Group is an award-winning Cybersecurity Services and Solutions business focused on delivering exceptional cybersecurity capabilities to a variety of US Federal and Commercial organizations and businesses. In addition to a full suite of cybersecurity assessment, protection, response, and automation capabilities, MPG is also behind widely-adopted Lockdown Enterprise STIG and CIS baseline automation content.

Use Case 01

Automating the pull request testing for CIS and STIG baselines

The Challenge

MindPoint Group was using manual pull request processes in Github and needed a way to support automating the process with the tools in a seamless way with Github. With the Refactr DevSecOps Automation Platform we now have streamlined testing on every pull request that triggers pipelines for various CIS and STIG benchmarks with end-to-end testing including cloud infrastructure, assessment tools, and leveraging Ansible for the remediation.

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