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In today's increasingly complex regulatory environment, compliance should be treated as a journey, not a state in time. Yet most organizations do not have the tools or data needed to remain in compliance at all times

Isometric graphic of the compliance use case for Refactr's DevSecOps automation platform

What is Compliance?

Compliance is a set of rules or laws governing the handling of information. Compliance procedures concern external rules or laws as well as the internal design and controls surrounding data. Often, complying to a framework is a minimal requirement for organizations when choosing a provider. If information is mishandled, the risks to the organization and its customers come in the form of costly internal and external threats. Compliance is further complicated by rapid cloud migration today, when the scale of business and volume of transactions make controlling information a herculean endeavor.


Compliance Problems

Adhering to so many types of compliance frameworks, such as GDPR, CCPA, SOC2 and NIST, to remain safe for business is typically an inconsistent, arduous and manual process. Organizations need to have a mature data collection, documentation, reporting and retention program to provide assurance to regulators and customers, all without hindering growth. Yet there is no optimal, automated method for remaining consistently in compliance.

How Refactr Can Help

Refactr’s integration with security tools like CIS-CAT Assessor, Trivy and OpenSCAP introduces an agile approach to compliance. With Refactr, you can automate the collection, analysis and reporting of data at all stages of the development lifecycle


No coding skills to implement and automate compliance, no need to upgrade toolset with our prebuilt pipelines. Satisfy needs of regulators


Entire organization’s security posture improves when security is made an always priority


Automate compliance, everything downstream is quicker. Stay perpetually in compliance, no need to scramble last minute

Some of Our Compliance Clients:

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